Friday, April 16, 2010

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Finish It Friday

Yesterday was such a great day. The sun was out. It was a balmy, gorgeous 81 outside and it just energized me. I got so much done! I finished sweeping the boys room. I got the stuffed toys that are going to Haiti all bagged up and had them outside for pick up. I tidied and swept the landing. I planted something like 9 different containers of veggies. I uploaded, labeled and grouped a whole bunch of photos on Flickr. I even went out and got my composter started.

What does that mean for today? It means I'm headed into Hastings to go grocery shopping and to get the boys. My Finish It Friday is that I'm stopping by the vets again. Hemi had ear mites and I strongly suspect that the other kitties to too. I'm taking in ear swabs of the two older kitties and taking Sadie in with me because she needs to be weighed. If nobody has guessed, our kitties are spoiled rotten and loved to death. We want them happy and healthy. They're happy so now I'm working on making sure that they're all healthy.

How about all of you, my loyal and loving readers? What are you going to Finish Up so that your weekend has more freedom to it?

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