Friday, April 9, 2010

# Finish It Friday

Finish It Friday

Happy Friday, world! Today was a good day around here. The boys and I spent it just relaxing together and playing on Facebook. They did get their homework all finished without any arguments, which was nice. We also read 2 more chapters of Percy Jackson before bed. It's getting really excited and all three of us are a bit bummed that we're not going to get to finish the book this weekend. It will certainly give us all something to look forward to on the weekends that they're here though! I looked at the calendar and it's only about 6 weeks until their summer break. Where has this school year gone to?

So, I guess the question is, what did I finish today? Well, I set a "preview" date for my new radio show on TrainREK Radio. I still need to talk time with him but it's definitely in motion. I also contacted Kloey to see if she wants me to help her out at the show in Novi. I'm hoping she does. It's been ages since I got to hang out with crafty friends plus she's just a hoot to be around. Did I mention that it usually pays and money is always welcome?

So, I guess I didn't finish anything but I did get some stuff in motion that I just hadn't taken the time for before. What did you finish today? Anything fun? Anything exciting? Anything dull and routine? *grins*


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