Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Time for Me Thursday

Happy Thursday, everyone! While I've figured out how to redo that bookcase, I've decided to put it off until this weekend. It's snowing and blowing here and honestly, I'm just feeling the need to be home today. Sometimes that happens and when it does, I've found it's best to follow my instincts., I just hit a blogger wall and my mind went totally blank. I think my brain is still asleep even if it is 2pm. Geesh. Ok, back to what I was going to say before that bit of mindless rambling occurred. I realized this morning as I was pondering what to write today that this new routine is all about me and taking time for me. The tidier this house becomes, the happier I become. As a psychology student, I had a theory about mind organization. In fact, I seriously wondered if there was a possible career in Organizational Therapy..yes, I coined the phrase but had no idea how I'd even begin to setup that kind of career, even if I'd love doing it. My guess is that it would begin by going back and getting my Master's degree and becoming a licensed therapist and the truth is, I already owe so much in student loans that the idea of adding to that terrifies me. So, for now I won't. Anyway..there I go rambling again.

So, what am I doing for me today? Well, one thing that I already did do was the put some lotion on my feet before I put socks on them. My feet, like a lot of feet, get dry, especially at this time of year. So, I started putting lotion on them after my shower and right before I put my socks on. I'm using up a bottle of lotion that was given to me as a gift that while I like, I don't totally love. So, I'm helping to declutter and helping my feet stop being so dry.

Now, the other thing I'm going to do today is to repaint my fingernails. One of the things that I realized after my divorce is that I actually have a fun streak. I like to be silly and to do fun things and maybe even act a little crazy sometimes. So, instead of just a clear coat of nail polish today, I'm going to do something fun. Right now, I'm torn between purple and green. The nail polish that I have on right now is a light green that's rather see through. You wouldn't even realize it was green unless you looked right at it. I'm thinking I might with purple today. Just a bit of wackiness to brighten my spirits because for some reason I'm feeling a bit down today. I think I might need to get a bit more sleep, to be honest.

So, now that I've rambled on and drifted a bit here and there, what are all of you doing for you today? I'd love to know and dang it, my readers aren't commenting again. I might have to hand out spankings or something. Perhaps bribe you with a giveaway...hmmm? *grins*


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Nickle said...

Aww sorry Katie I have been swamped with stuff! I promise to comment more!!

miss you

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