Friday, January 8, 2010

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Finish It Friday

Whew! It's Friday. Can y'all believe it? This week has seemed to just scoot right on by. Today should be a pretty quiet day here. I'm home alone (ok, I'm almost always home alone) and working through my schedule. I'm running a bit behind, but that's ok. It's only time and I know that I'll get it all done.

So, let's see...what do I have on today's agenda that is all about Finishing things up? Well, I'm waiting for a lovely lady to come and pick up a bunch of things that I'm freecycling. I love getting things out of the house almost as much as I love finding spaces for the things I love. I also went ahead and called the school to find out when the boys Birthday club is. I cannot believe that Ben is going to be 10 next week and Roger, 9, just 15 days after that. They're growing up far too fast for this mama's heart.

The big thing though, and I think y'all know what I'm talking kitchen. I've been working in there all week and finally, I can see some real progress. Sadly, my nearly empty sink got refilled this morning when I unloaded the dishwasher. For some reason, the thing gets one glass clean and ignores another and I've learned that once it's chosen to ignore that glass/cup/bowl/piece of silverware, etc it will never get it clean, no matter where you put it. So, there are more dishes in my future. Other than that, I just need to finish clearing the floor of some things (grocery bags, boxes that go to my dishes, etc) and sweep it. With any luck, I'll have it all done today and be able to post some after pictures right here on the blog.

So, what are you all finishing up today? Has anyone else been working on their kitchen? Let me know! Do the linky, leave a comment! I want to know!

Happy Frday, y'all!

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Nickle said...

Rob cleaned the kitchen up yesterday, and I organized the counter a week or so ago, now I have to reorganize the cupboards as the boys put dishes away like their dad.

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