Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Thoughts On Blogging and 2010

It's not very often that I come here and just write these days. I guess I get caught up in my days and making sure that I hit the themed posts that I don't jut write to write. I want to change that. It's my "secret" dream to one day come here and find that people have found my specialty posts that I've created and started linking to them like I link to so many others. I see other blogs like or and how well loved they are and how many comments they receive and I'm envious. I want that for this blog.

I want more than that though. I want to be up in front of crowds speaking and teaching things. I want to combine my love of organizing with my love of helping others and turn it into a career. I want to teach people how getting rid of the clutter in their lives with help to relieve the clutter in their minds. I want this blog to be the place people come when they need a tip on organizing or living a greener lifestyle. I want people to come here and laugh with me and cry with me and to feel as if they've found a new best friend.

I want a lot and while I may not know how to get to the end result, I know that the first step must begin with me. I know that before I can change the world, I have to change me. I know that before I can go out and organize a single room or home, I have to organize my own. I know that if I want to do what others are doing, I have to find out how they're doing it. I need to learn. I need to grow. Enough making excuses as to why I haven't done something but it's time to find joy in the fact that I *am* doing things. There will be changes to this blog. I have things I want to add to it, specifically a Saturday post idea. Will it take off? Who knows..but it's a step that I need to take for me and hopefully others can learn and grow from it as well.

As for right now, I'm going to enjoy what remains of my delicious Paula Deen candle and perhaps sort some more Christmas items while I wait for the plumber to arrive. Hopefully by the end of the day, my toilet will no longer be leaking and my shower walls will no longer be flapping.


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Deanne said...

I have some thoughts and ideas that I want to run by you. I'll try to remember to email you about it tonight. I think you'd like it. But anyhow, we'll chat soon!

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