Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday - Job Complete!

So, remember how I said I'd be back with pictures? Well, I am. In my new schedule, I do the Flylady zone mission plus 2-15s in whatever zone we're in. So, while I am totally embarassed about the state of my kitchen, I'm not going to beat myself up. If I did, I would only feel down and then I would sulk and pout and not do a darned thing about it. Instead, I'm tackling each room, even if it's only for 30-45 minutes each day and I know that soon enough, it will be beautiful and sparkling..for the first time since I moved in.

Kitchen Counter/Sink Before

Kitchen Counter/Sink After
Yes, those are food crumbs on the counter. Yes, that's a pan full of brownies on the stove. The crumbs, I'm sure, will be wiped away before I go to bed tonight and as for those brownies, well, one of tomorrow's 15s will surely involve chiseling them out of the pan.

Kitchen Sink After

And there it is! My lovely shining sink. I still have to finish the remaining dishes and shine the other side, but let me tell you, whenever I walk into my kitchen and see that side shining, it's just going to make me smile and encourage me to keep on tackling what needs to be done around here.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement! I'll be back tomorrow with an (almost) Wordless Wednesday post. I still have to take my photo!

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