Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday

Good morning, y'all. It's Tuesday and today is a special Tuesday. Today is Ben's 10th birthday. I have no idea where the past 10 years have gone. It seems like only yesterday he was born via emergency c-section. As I look back over everything that's happened with him in the past 10 years I am filled with so much gratitude that I was blessed to have such a special child. For those that don't know, Ben has Cerebral Palsy. It doesn't have him, he certainly has it. He doesn't let it slow him down if there's something he wants to do. I'm always amazed by his can do spirit and attitude and yet at the same time, he's realistic about his limitations. Right now, there's discussion about whether or not he should have hamstring lengthening surgery. His dad is all for it, I'm not so quick to jump. I've insisted we try alternate options like more individualized physical therapy (he was only getting it at school and now works with someone one night a week as well) and wearing a leg immobilizer at night. It's hard knowing if you're making the right decisions sometimes but you just keep moving and you do the research and you talk to the doctors and you do what you hope is for the best. I love that little boy and I cannot believe that today he's 10. Before I know it, he's going to be wanting to borrow my car to go on dates. Ok, not unless I get a much cooler car before then..lol. I'm sure he'd rather take his Dad's Charger vs Mom's minivan. So, today my heart is filled with joy that my miracle baby has made it to 10 and touched with a bit of sadness that I'm not sharing his birthday with him. I will, however, give him a call tonight and we'll celebrate it on Friday when I go to get them for the weekend.

Now, one of the things Ben always always does when he comes into the house is to look around and see what Mom has gotten done in the past 2 weeks. I jokingly call him my little slave driver. He's been known to tell me just how many boxes I need to do, etc. So, I totally don't want to let him down when he gets here on Friday. Unfortunately (does anyone else have trouble spelling that word?), I wrenched my back yesterday. I wish I could say it was doing something brave like rescuing a cat from a tree or glamorous like ..umm...ok, I don't know..but either way, it wasn't. It was simply me being uncoordinated and tripping over my own feet. Sheesh! So, that limits the amount of what I can do.

I've decided to set 2 goals for today, knowing they could each be done in babysteps. I'm going to change all 3 litter boxes and put fresh litter in. I'm also going to continue working on organizing all of the Christmas things into 3 bins (decorations/tree items/kitchen & misc items). I figure I can bring out one box at a time and sort it. The other thing is that I'm waiting for the plumber to show up. He told me he'd call this morning to let me know what time he'd be here but it's 11:49 and no call yet. I figure he'll just show up. I'm only hoping that the leasing agent told him that the tub surround needs to be resealed as well as the leaky toilet fixed. I'm guessing he probably didn't because the leasing agent tends to only do about half of his job. Ahh well, I'll get it tackled. ;)

So, that's my plan for today. How about all of you? How about you Miss Nickle? I saw your comment and sweetie, I started daily blogging partly for you. Now, no guilt or anything...just jump on in and start tackling some stuff and posting about it. mwaaaah! (kisses for you)

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Jennifer said...

I like baby steps...it's a great way to go...especially when you aren't feeling 100% due to pain or sickness! Hope you managed to get all you wanted done!

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