Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Good morning, Good morning! I have no idea why I'm in such a great mood considering the phone woke me up super early and I only took a half nap after laying back down. But, I am and you know what? It's nice. I don't remember the last time where I got up, got around and was singing and smiling for three days in a row. Usually I'm lucky if it lasts one but it's day three and I'm still singing. So, good. I like it. *grins*

Now, over on Sunday Shutterbugs, the theme is Art. They're doing something new for 2010 where they do a letter of the alphabet for two weeks and then move onto the next letter. I'm looking forward to some very interesting themes this coming year. Plus, you know me, I have to confess that this isn't a new picture. It's one I, thank you flickr for knowing this, June 29, 2004. It's a marble magnet and I used to love making these. I still do, actually. It's tougher now to find the marbles than it used to be but I still love them and let me tell you, they're great for using on the fridge to hold up artwork and such.

Marble Magnet

Now, the reason I posted this picture is because I wanted to be sure that I put something up today. Plus, I want to take my camera out with me today when I go into Lansing. You never know what you might find so I'm hoping to actually have a second picture to post later today when I get home.

Until then though, I am totally challenging all of you to grab your cameras, find something that says Art to you and take a picture. Then, be sure to post it and come back here and let me know that you did. Sunday Shutterbugs has a linky thingamabob that you can post a link to as well. (Random note, spell check says linky is wrong but thingamabob is right...weird.)

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Thanks for playing along Katie!


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