Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday

Ugh, where did today go? Actually, I know right where it went. It went with trying to prevent my children from killing one another. Usually they get along really well, but I can always tell when one or both did not get enough sleep the night before and that was the pair of them today. They were driving me nuts! I love them, but today I am counting the hours until bedtime.

I had such lofty goals for today. I was going to clean around the house, I was going to fit in some time for kgb..and the list goes on. Well, I didn't get any of that done. I did however, hopefully, find homes for some of the stuff I'm getting rid of and if all goes well, tomorrow we will be the proud owners of some new to us bookshelves. We are in desperate need of more bookshelves around here. Keep your fingers crossed that they come through for us.

So, Tackles...hmm...well, I've vowed not to tackle my children and tie them to their beds. ;) So, I think my tackle is going to be trying to hold onto my sanity until bedtime. Then, once they're tucked soundly in their beds, maybe I can get some more things done around here. I do want to finish browsing alice.com and putting things on my "shopping" list there. That way it will be ready for me when I need to do another round of household item shopping.

As for now, I'm going to go tackle the process of making dinner and then get the boys settled in with one of our Christmas movies for our week of Christmas film fest. It will either be a movie or the Straight No Chaser concert that I recorded last week. It's kids choice..and I think it's going to start before I start dinner. I need some quiet time with my sanity. ;)


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