Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Whew...another busy day almost done. I was up early this morning to drive to Lansing. I had to be at the Salvation Army distribution center at 9am. I got there around 9:40 and was lucky to find a parking spot. It was packed. People started lining up outside the door around 9:45. I got in line about 7 minutes to and ended up being #13. It must have been my lucky number because I was allowed to pick out some incredible gifts for the boys. I just know that they're going to love them. It was a real blow to my pride to have to go and ask them for help but it really was the right thing for me to do for us. All of this totally reminds me that very soon, possibly next week, I'll be writing a special post about Christmas angels. I hope all of you will come back to read that.

So, after I finished up there, I met up with my sister. She's having some troubles and is trying to get some stuff sorted out so keep her in your thoughts. The reason I met up with her today though was so she could borrow my steam cleaner. She's trying to get my grandmother's carpet cleaned up and the steam cleaner over there doesn't work worth a hill of beans. (Random thought: That is such an odd saying, I wonder where it came from.)

Then, I popped into Meijers to pick up some stuff that I needed. Got home and hauled stuff in from the van and tried to catch up on some email and got the next file transfers going. I'm thrilled to say that the moving from drive to drive part of the project ought to be wrapped up by this weekend! Yay! Then, it was time to start wrapping. I have no idea how many gifts I wrapped, but I'm glad to have it done. My sister called and I talked to her for a bit then it was back to wrapping.

After all that was done, I went in and made my cookie dough and it's in the fridge chilling right now. Before bed tonight, I'll have cookies made and the teacher gifts all prepped to go with me tomorrow to the kids school parties. Busy, busy, busy...

Now, after alll of this post, I bet people are wondering where the heck my picture is. Well, it's trapped on my phone! I took this picture specifically for this week's Sunday Shutterbugs challenge and my phone won't give it to me! Mean thing. So, I went digging through the archives of pictures on the drive that I'm working on and found this one. Now, I don't know the name of the church this was taken in. I can only tell you that it's an old church in England. I took this picture back in August of 2006.

Church Window

Happy Wednesday everyone and I hope y'all have wonderful Thursdays too!



Edie van den Ordel said...

This is beautiful Katie! What a great take on the word GLOW!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love it!


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