Monday, December 14, 2009

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Menu Plan Monday

Ok, I know that's the Fall image, but I have a totally good reason for that. Right now, this poor laptop looks as if it should be in an intensive care unit. It has wires and drives sticking out of every port imaginable. What am I doing to the poor thing you ask? Well, I'm re-organizing my external hard drives and transferring files right, left and center. Now, the poor laptop gets really cranky if I have more than 2 externals hooked up at any time and you guessed it, my blog files are all stored on drive #3. So, I had to go with the one and only MPM image I had on the laptop itself.

Now, life around here is about to go totally insane. I have to drive to Hastings at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go with my ex-husband and oldest son to a doctor's appointment in Grand Rapids. (Miss Tracey, if you read this, I'll be waving to you!) We're considering hamstring lengthening surgery for him and this is an evaluation to see if he'd be a good candidate for that.

Then, on Wednesday, I have to drive into Lansing for an appointment that I have there at 9am. Yep, once again getting up super early and leaving my house by 8am. Then, on Thursday, it's back to Hastings for the kids Christmas parties and all of that good stuff. Now, depending on the responses I get back from their teachers and principal, I may either be bringing them back with me that night or making another trip into Hastings on Friday to pick them up. Did I mention I have to go grocery shopping, etc in there somewhere? Sheesh! Insane.

So, do I have a menu for this week?, not really because I really have to go grocery shopping. However, I do have one starting Thursday. I needed that for when I went grocery shopping, so I am vaguely organized. Impressive, huh? *grins* Ok, no I know it's not but that's ok. So here "menu"...

Monday- Lemon Pepper chicken tenders w/ rice
Tuesday- Pancakes
Wednesday- Wheat Pasta w/ Sauce
Thursday- Chili
Friday-Homemade Pizza
Saturday- Ground Beef Stroganoff
Sunday- Taco Chicken Pockets

*** Please note that Monday-Wednesday are total guesses based on what I *think* is in the kitchen.*

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