Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday, Tuesday...I have a song in my head and it doesn't make any sense, well the lyrics I appear to be making up don't anyway. So, how is everyone this fine, sunny day? I'm doing just peachy, I do s'pose. I have a million things to do and no real idea on where to start. There's probably not a room in this house that doesn't need at least a quick tidy, but really it's all a matter of choosing where to start. I think I may start by ...hmm...well....I honestly don't know! I think I might start by going outside and hauling the last of the pumpkins out to the one flower bed where I'm leaving them to break down.
After that, well, I s'pose I still don't know! Isn't that funny? I'm actually rather amused at myself because usually I have a mental checklist and today I just seem to be a bit la la la instead of focused. Well, I think I'm just going to have to tackle my case of la la la and see what I can get accomplished today!

How about all of you? What are you working on or tackling today? Housework? Holiday preparations? If nickle is reading this, I'm going to personally challenge her to do something holiday'ish and then post a comment here. ;) I miss you girl..and your comments. mwaaaah!


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Nickle said...

I actually with Rob's help completly cleaned the living room and rearranged it. Cleaned the turtle tank, and set up my very Black Christmas tree!!

I hope to have it decorated next week!

miss you too hunny

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