Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday

It's Tuesday and boy has it been a long one! I was up at 6am this morning to meet up with Peter to take Ben into the doctor. I did make it to their place by 7:15 and Peter rushed us right out the door. The roads were kinda slick this morning and so was their parking lot! I slipped about 4 feet out their door and Ben laughed all the way to the car. Little turkey.

The appointment went well. The doctor checked out Ben's legs and did some x-rays. She thinks that surgery might be a good idea for Ben's right leg. She also said that more physical therapy as well as wearing a leg immobilizer at night. Peter wants to rush into surgery but I'd rather explore alternative options instead of doing surgery. Peter used time and money as an excuse, but that's precisely why we carry extra insurance on him and I could take him to appointments plus let's face it, the surgery could cost more and be far more time intensive as far as therapy goes. Luckily for me, the doctor doesn't make surgery appointments the first meeting and she feels that extra therapy and such won't hurt to try at all.

After the appointment (which kept us at her office for just over 2 hours), we drove on back. Peter dropped Ben and I off at the apartment to get my van and I took Ben back to school. After signing him in, I hung out with him for about 15 minutes until his class got in from recess. I spent a few minutes talking to his teacher and then popped over to tell Roger that I'd see him at his party on Thursday. It's going to be a lot of trips to Hastings because they need to be in school on Friday because Ben has 2 tests that day. Poor kid.

Then, it was off to the dollar store and then the grocery store. As usual, the groceries took me almost 2 hours. It may go faster if I didn't stop to talk to so many random strangers. ;) Then, I used my grocery receipt to get 25c off a gallon of gas at their gas station and then drove on home. Did I mention in all of this that it was freezing cold today? Brrrrrrrrr!

Sadly, our house here has some serious air leaks and I haven't had the money to get plastic to cover up the windows. I've been trying other creative means though and they've been partially effective. After getting back, I decided to take a nap but our upstairs only has 1 heat vent and it seems pretty ineffective. I was so cold that I couldn't fall asleep! I'm going to have to get out our small space heaters and take them upstairs to take the chill off the bedrooms before we go to sleep at night.

I did eventually go outside and unloaded most of the groceries from the van. I'll snag the rest of them tomorrow. I was just too dang cold and honestly, exhausted to handle all of them today. I did get those inside and then I did something I'd been meaning to do for about the last month. I actually got about half of the fridge totally cleared out. Ugh..how do they get so full of stuff? By the time I was done, my trash bag was full and it was so heavy that I had to carry the whole trash can to the porch, open our outdoor trashcan and then (after tying the bag closed) tip the whole trashcan over the rail so the bag fell out into the outdoor can! But, my fridge looks much nicer and isn't full of spoiled food. Yay! Now, I only have to do the other half.

Tomorrow, I have to go into Lansing and then spend a big chunk of time baking cookies for teacher gifts. Plus, if all goes well, I'm hoping to be able to get the rest of the presents wrapped. I do wish I could find Grandma's bell and Alex's gift. I know they're here. I just don't remember where the heck I sat them down at!

Okie, time for me to try to get some extra sleep. It's going to be a crazy week and tomorrow is only the halfway point!


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