Thursday, September 3, 2009

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World Whomped Me Wednesday

Today was just one of those days. It started out so good. The boys and I had lunch, got the back of the van emptied, the table into the kitchen and headed out to Lansing. This really nice couple there had a corner computer desk that they were going to give to me (go freecycle!). It was about a 45 minute drive but worth it for a nice computer desk that we need. That's the one problem with having been in that tiny apartment. Now I need storage units and pieces of furniture. Luckily, freecycle is letting me fill in the gaps as I can.

Anyway, we're just coming up to the onramp for the freeway when this semi stops suddenly in front of me and I slam on my brakes. As I do that, I feel something give in the brakes. But, I'm on top of the freeway on ramp and I figure it was probably in my head, so we keep going. Then, I discover it wasn't in my head. Oh my god, I'm on the freeway with almost no brakes. I'm trying not to freak out as I ask the kids to be quiet so I can try to figure out what to do. We got off at the next exit (which was the one we needed anyway for the stuff) and I tried to find this guys house because there's nothing in that stretch of road and I thought god, he'll have a phone or know what to do..something.

Except, I miss the turn..and end up pulling into a Shell station so I can ask for directions/try to figure out what to do. I could barely stop the van at that time and in my panic, all I could think was get home. Well, that wasn't in the cards because when I went to get back into the van, I noticed a puddle of yellow flowing out from under the van. I called Justin because well, I didn't know who else to call that wasn't at work or in a meeting or ..ok, he could have been in both of those, but I knew he wouldn't yell at me for interupting. He tried to calm me down and I looked up and somehow it happened that the gas station had a service station right next door.

The boys and I walked over and they pulled the van in and discovered the brake line had snapped at the flex line. They didn't have the part and couldn't get it today so I was left figuring out how I was going to get the boys and I back home, which was a 30 minute drive. Well folks, there are still good people out there. I'd been talking to this older gentleman who was one of their regular customers and after nearly offering me a car to use (he didn't because it was old and he didn't know how well it ran these days), he offered to take the boys and I back home. In fact, he offered to go help me pick up the desk if I wanted. I politely declined. I couldn't accept that from him ( and his wife) plus it wouldn't have fit in their car.

Well we made it back to the house and they made sure we had our keys and everything to get in before heading out. Then, I came inside and emailed the people about the desk (I'd already called and spoken to them twice keeping them updated.) and they wrote back, offering to drive it out here and deliver it for us! Can you believe that? Someone was clearly watching out for us today. Nobody got hurt, we got home and we're still going to get our desk. Now, I just need to win the lotto to pay for the van repairs and hope it doesnt really take them almost two weeks to fix it. question today...Who can you be a good samaritan for?


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TracyC said...

Dang! That was one bad day...and one super cool day too. What nice people. I've got to think about what we've got out in the garage that we are not using....thinking....

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