Wednesday, September 23, 2009

# technology # wordless wednesday

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Wow, I haven't done a great blogging job this week, have I? I meant to all day yesterday but then I ended up tackling bills (which would have been my post) and then got a massive headache and totally forgot in the end. Shoot.

Well, I'm back today and I have exciting news. It's my birthday! Yep, 33 years ago, I was born. Now, that's exciting to me because if I hadn't, who would blog all these wonderful things for all of you? Hehe...

Just as exciting though is that I've finally gone wireless in this house! The wireless router I had when I moved in didn't work and I couldn't afford another one but yesterday, I got a surprise early birthday present. My friend Jim, who sometimes comments here, sent me a new wireless router for my birthday and with a bit of help last night, I got it all hooked up! Darn ip/dns conflicts anyway! I tested it out last night and now I can blog from anywhere in the house, not just my bedroom so yay! Happy Birthday to me!



Deanne said...

That is exciting! And Happy Birthday! :) Do you have special plans for your birthday? A birthday dinner of some sort or anything? Hope you have a fabulously awesome day!

(I've not blogged much this week either. My Saturday blog post was actually written on Sunday and Monday. It took awhile! LOL!) Will be blogging later today though. I think. :)

AlphaSpace said...

That is very sweet of him

All you need to do now is get your laptop working and you can play EQ anywhere in the house. You are not a true EQ gamer unless you have played from the bathroom :)

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