Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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(not so) Wordless Wednesday

Can you believe it? Summer is winding down..well, so the calendar says. To me, once it hits September 1st, summer is done. Then, if I let it linger, it is officially done once school starts. The boys started 3rd and 4th grade today. Roger got the teacher he wanted and I'm hoping that Ben likes his teacher. I don't think he really had a preference so I can't wait until Friday when I can hear all about their first few days and how they liked it. Roger wasn't sure he wanted to go back so that will be fun to listen to.

What may be even harder to believe is that the boys and I took this picture way back on August 19th. That's right. We were walking home from downtown and spotted this laying on the sidewalk. Outside, now, our walnut tree is shedding leaves with every breeze that flows through. Autumn is basically here and I couldn't be happier. It's my favorite time of year. Is anyone else in the mood for some pumpkin donuts and cider? I so need to stop by Cotant's Farm Market soon. They have the most delicious donuts and cider that are made on site not to mention Honeycrisp apples that will be out in another month or so. Yum!

Fall already?


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