Friday, September 11, 2009

# Finish It Friday

Finish It Friday

It's Friday! Yay! Ok, normally I'm not quite this excited about the end of the week, but today is special. I get to go and pick my boys up from their first week back at school. I can't wait! I miss those turkeys.

Of course that also means I need to get a ton done today! Isn't that how it always goes? So far, I've managed to call the vet's office, shower, get dressed and talk to my ex-husband. We're not going to go there because that will take me out of my happy place.

Let's see, still to do: call Ben's insurance caseworker, get the kittens around to stop in at the vets, eat something, call and try to finish the over the phone application to do a focus group, jot down last minute notes on shopping list, finish this blog (grins), drive into Hastings, stop at the vets, stop at K-mart and pick up a birthday card for Donna (ex's fiancee's birthday is tomorrow), get the boys from school, get their stuff from Peter's place, go get something for dinner, stop at the dollar store (need more hangers!), go grocery shopping and drive home! Whew! Sometime in there, I also need to remember to feed/water the cats and to flip the laundry over. Busy, busy, busy!

Lots of wrapping up the week going on here. How about at all of your places?


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