Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is a test...

Ok, Edie is having photo issues so I'm gonna test this for her...

Adding Photos:

Step 1: Cursor where I want the photo.
Step 2: Push the photo button.
Step 3: Browse to photo on laptop.
Step 4: Choose photo and click Open.
Step 5: Make sure layout is set to none, image size to medium.
Step 6: Click upload image.
Step 7: Click Done.

In theory, my photo should go below this...and it didn't. Hrm...this is new..what the heck...oh yeah, this is why I like doing it in edit html, I think. Let's try it over there...

Ok, obviously blogger doesn't like doing it the way it is s'posed to. That reminds me..cept for the ones I want at the top, I've always put them in my flickr account and copied the html into here. Well shoot...sorry, Eddie. But, for a smile, here's the pic I was trying to get to work...

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