Friday, June 6, 2008

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Finish It Friday

In my world, Friday's are almost the end of the week. After today, it's the weekend and reserved for basically what we want to do, rarely what we *have* to do. In honor of that, I've created Finish It Friday..the day of the week to wrap up all those loose ends so that you can enjoy your weekend.

Since I stayed home today because my drink poisoning (Thanks Graham for correcting me..hehe) wasn't totally gone, I decided to wrap up some stuff. So here's what I got done:

1. Called my doctor's office to see what was happening with the last sleep study I had done. Turns out they thought I'd been taken care of. Sheesh.
2. Called to find out about ordering new insurance cards for the boys. Go down and request and have temp cards then and there and new in 2 weeks or do it over the phone and have new in 6 weeks.
3. Called on another problem I was having and got that sorted out.

I also decided I was sick of the mess in my purse and cleaned that out. How does so much get shoved in there? And because I'm a scrapbooker at heart, you just know there has to be pictures!

Messy Purse

All the stuff I pulled out :
Ick! That was all in my purse!

After :
Tidy Purse

And just because I wanted to show the girls that I really did have as many cds as I claimed to be ripping last weekend....
Completed CDS

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