Monday, June 9, 2008

Rant: Rude People Suck

Ok, I am having one of those days and I need to get it out of my system. I woke up about 10 minutes late today and still would have been fine, but I ate a banana and my stomach revolted. Then, I couldn't find my purse.

Made it to work just a couple of minutes late and did the usual stock the paper cabinet thing and got my desk set up (I have to lock the laptop and phone away every day when I leave). Then, Nancy gives me a job to redo all the tags on all the keys and reorganize the little cabinet where they're hung. Okie, no problem.

Then Rita..who is some big wig whatever...goes into Nancy's office which is like 3 or 4 feet from where I sit at my desk and tells her to tell the workstudy (that would be me) to do this task. She takes the time to explain it all to nancy and then goes back into her office. Excuse me?!? When the heck did I become this nameless slave to the office? Ever since I told her that I wanted them to replace my laptop battery (it got damaged while I was on the job due to no fault of my own), she suddenly can't remember my name or talk to me with any level of respect.

Later, I asked her if she knew what a key went to and she practically snapped my head off for asking her.

I left work at noon and then went to Walgreens. Right now, they're running a special (with coupon) to do a 8x10 photo enlargement for 99c. I made sure that I had 3 coupons for this and walked up to the counter. My photos were on a USB drive in a folder marked photos. The girl at the counter very rudely commented that the kiosk couldn't do folders and I would have to do it online. I asked her if I could use the 3 coupons online and she said, "It will but you know you should remember there is a reason it says Limit 1." Umm..excuse me? Then, I got halfway down the aisle before remembering that she hadn't given me my USB drive back. When I went back to get it she said, "You left this here.", it was in your hand when I walked off. Nice try though.

So, I found everything and checked out. Just to find out that because I used coupons on the register reward items, I don't get register rewards. *sighs* The total was more than i wanted to spend but I'll be figuring out how much I saved in a bit to see if it was worth me going there special today.

Then, I make it home, get everything in the house and go to check my email. I had posted up my Sunday newspaper on Freecycle to see if anyone wanted to read it or take the ads from it. I got a very rude email from the group owner telling me that I should reread the rules because that's not allowed. It's not considered something that takes up a lot of room in the landfills. Geez. There's no need or reason to be rude. I've had things denied before and seen the same things passed through when other people offered them. I think the local group needs a serious check on who is running it.

*sighs* Anyway, now I'm finally home and I'm gonna close my eyes and just breathe for a few minutes...

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Edie van den Ordel said...

Well dont let a few rude people ruin your day... just think, every day they are rude they are just shortening their life span...

Sounds like you have a busy day.. you need some scrap therapy!

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