Tuesday, June 17, 2008

# apnea # Finish It Friday

Finish It Friday - Health Matters

Sheesh. Technically, it's Tuesday and I just remembered that I had decided to write this. I think that's a side effect of two little boys who have been cranky and wanting a lot of attention. I love giving it to them, but sometimes it wipes things right out of my head. I know that you moms out there understand..and it explains why I have so many notes and lists lying about.

So what did I finish on Friday? I finally got the not sleeping part of my health problems wrapped up. Well, partially. Part of the reason that I wasn't sleeping was the depression. Now that I have my babies back with me, that's fairly better. I do have moderate sleep apnea though so this handy, dandy machine ought to help with that....if I could just not freak out (abused as a child) over having that darn mask on when I sleep. I may have to try something not full face.


Three's Company said...

dh wears one too, his is not a full face, just a nasal one. It does take some getting used to, but it's worth it.

Dona'Scrap said...

AHH!! I wish I knew you were getting a machine. I have the humidifer that goes with this machine...but no machine! ug! I have lots of suggestions on masks...believe me, I have tried ALOT of them.


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