Thursday, September 12, 2019

# 300 Writing Prompts # Speaking Up

Writing Prompt Thursday : Speaking Up

It's time for another writing prompt! I know it seems just a little bit silly, but I'm so excited for these. I haven't had a lot of time for writing lately as my editing business takes off so these are perfect little bites for me right now.

Today's prompt:
Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening?

I'd love to take the time to really sit and think about this one but the one rule that "the man" has about this book is that I'm not allowed to think about it. I have to just sit and write.

So, part of me wants to just answer no and move on, but I feel as if that may need a little bit more explanation. As some people know, I live in a pretty rural area and I don't get out a whole lot. Because of that, I probably don't have many opportunities to see people being "bad".  The things that pop into my mind all have to do with correcting my youngest son's friend on how he was treating his mother. Was I afraid? Nah...he was like one of my own kids and knew if I was correcting him, he needed to listen.

Have there been other times, in other situations? Possibly. I honestly don't have a single one popping to mind. I'd like to think that I'd speak up without being physically afraid or afraid of repercussions, but I need to be honest. I deal with PTSD from certain things that have happened in my life and I can't guarantee that the flight side of things wouldn't kick in. I tend to be good in emergencies and situations and then fall apart after so I suspect that would happen. I would be fine in the moment and then after it was all done and everyone was safe, I'd break down.

Hmm...turns out that writing without thinking led to some interesting (at least for me) writing.

How do y'all handle these kinds of situations?

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