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Book Review: The Rose Girls

Life With Katie - The Rose Girls - Victoria Connelly
Thirty-year-old Celeste Hamilton’s life is at a crossroads: she has just left a disastrous marriage, and her estranged mother has recently died, leaving the family’s rose business in jeopardy. Reluctantly, Celeste returns to the family home, a moated manor house in Suffolk, to help her two younger sisters sort out the estate and revive the business.

Having endured the fallout from her mother’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder when she was younger, Celeste is filled with self-doubt and crippling insecurities. But she must find the strength and courage to take charge and make some tough decisions to keep the old house from falling down around them.

The Rose Girls is an uplifting, tender and romantic story of courage, perseverance and the healing power of family.


It's been ages since I've written a review. Then again, it's been ages since I read a book that didn't belong to a client. It's felt really good to reclaim that bit of time each evening. I hope it's something I can continue because I've missed talking about books with all of you.  Now, for this review...

The Good:
Reality. This book felt grounded in reality. There was no insta-love, there wasn't grand drama. It was simply three sisters trying to find their own places in a world where things have changed. I think that we can all relate to that. Life happens even when we don't want it to. The characters also fell under this. Each one was unique and had their own personality, which I appreciated. No cookie cutter characters.

The Bad:
While there was no insta-love, I felt at times that things happened really fast within the book. Perhaps it's because the author never really mentions time passing, it just passes. Also, bits of the book felt rather predictable but that may just be to me. After all, I can never figure out a mystery before the big reveal, but I have friends who have sorted it out by page 10.

The Summary:
A really enjoyable, light read that's perfect if you're looking for some casual reading. I finished it in a couple of evenings and it's really reminded me how much I love getting lost in a book...and taking the time to smell the roses..erm..pages...

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