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Book Review: The Blood That Binds

Book Review - The Blood That Binds - Jo Ho
I love these covers!
Blood never lies… unless what you’re seeing isn’t real.

A new urban fantasy series from the award-winning screenwriter of ground-breaking BBC TV series Spirit Warriors.

After a trip to a place of magic seemingly leaves the girls with more questions than answers, Tyler takes off to spend some much needed time with Ally only for danger to have followed them with potentially devastating consequences for the sisters.

Meanwhile, Marley has family problems of her own. Realizing that she has never known anything about either side of her family, she broaches the subject only for Paul to evade her questions. Why is he keeping secrets from her, what doesn’t he want her to know?

With the other girls preoccupied with their own issues, Eve takes the opportunity to try to mend bridges with Cassie. What should be a nice dinner out turns into an ordeal, however, when an unwanted chance encounter causes more antagonism between them. As Cassie tries to deal with the aftermath the only way she knows how, she just makes things worse.

Frustrated with the way things have gone down, Eve retreats home but finds herself confronted with the very secret she thought was dead and buried…

Will the girls be able to defeat their own personal demons before the real ones catch up with them?

Saving the world has never been this Twisted.

I'm not a big fan of serials and yet, I can't stop myself from choosing this series over and over again. It seems that I need to know what happens next!

The Good:

I'm enjoying seeing more and more of the girls' backstories. They're interesting characters in themselves which is nice to see in a "group" setting.

The Bad:

I'm just not feeling the interpersonal relationships in this segment as much as I did the others. Also, while I'm enjoying the bits of the "original" four, I really would like to see more. I'm hoping that as we get further in, more of the backstory will be revealed.

The Summary:

I'm still really enjoying this series. I would warn you to read them as back to back as possible. I had to let a month or so go by in between this and the 3rd and found myself confused for the first bit as to who was who and what they were doing. 

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments,and opinions are my own.

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