Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Love on the Mind

Isn't that a dramatic title? I wonder if it's a song title. Shoot. Y'all know me. I have to go check to see if it is. Be right back....

Ok, I'm back. It turns out that it's not. The closest I came was Love on My Mind which is actually a pretty good song. In fact, just in case you wanted to hear it, I'm going to put it right here for you to check out. Aren't I lovely?

So, what's up with love being in my head? Well, there's this potential new guy for one thing. He read yesterday's post and simply responded asking who this person was. The tease never responded back after that. He's left us all hanging. 

There's also my boys. I have to tell them after school today that our dog has died. Kiara was my dog when I was married to Peter. He texted me last night to tell me that she had died. My guess is that her poor heart gave out. It kills me to know that I'm going to walk through that door this afternoon and she's not going to be there to love all over me. I hate knowing that they're going to be hurting. Kiara was a big part of our family. She's going to be desperately missed.

Then, there's the love of friends. I'm hoping that the Toledo gang will come to see me as not just that girl who drops in from time to time but as a friend. I really like all of them. My fear of being hurt (and probably other things) has always gotten in the way of me making friends but this is vulnerable me saying Toledo people, please like me, ok? I already like them. They're great people and I whine every time I drive home about how I wish I could be down there more to see and hang out with everyone.

The love of family also comes to mind. Mine has been going through a crisis over the past week with my grandma being so sick. She should be out of the hospital today and that's such a relief. None of us are ready to lose her. She's the glue that holds us all together. I need to get back over there soon to see her. 

Mostly, today I'm thankful. I'm thankful for the family who loves me. I'm thankful for the gang in Toledo for taking me in as one of their own when I needed it. I'm thankful for Justin who has kept me sane during a really rough period. I'm thankful for Jim who totally understood when I no-showed on Sunday night and who has checked in to see how things are. I'm thankful for my boys because the first thing they asked me yesterday was how is mawmaw. They're such great kids. I'm thankful for my other friends who lended me their ears and virtual arms when I needed a hug. I'm thankful for James who gave me not only his couch, but his ears and his arms and his odd sense of humor. I'm a lucky girl.


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