Wednesday, November 19, 2008

# christmas # crafting

Look...I crafted!

I did! Yay me! I actually made this pretty ornament. I'm going to be making a whole bunch more of them for Christmas gifts. Who knows..maybe I'll actually list a few of the extras in my "someday I'm gonna use this" etsy shop. Until then, I hope you all enjoy these pics!

Teddy's Ornament
Homemade Paper Ornament



@wesome@bby said...

You da bomb, sister. Was it hard? We've closed off my scraproom to save electricity, and my titillating tatas (only in my dreams..more like the non-existant tatas...but who's counting?!?!) will fall off if I stay back there. We will open it up on Friday and leave it open over the weekend since I'll be at home and I'm going to try to look up my circle punch then. Of course, I found the SQUARE one right off the bat. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful! Aren't you gonna post the how-to?

I didn't know that a crafter read my site. I'm soooo guilty of not checking you out sooner!

Hey - I have over 200 cinnamon sticks and dried orange wedges.... any ideas?? Oh - and 200 tea lights. lol I'm thinking it has to be good for acouple christmas presents, no?

have a great weekend,

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