Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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not so wild and wacky wednesday

Okie, so on my list of things to do is seriously to blog. I dunno why I don't do it. Ok, yes I do. It's pure and total laziness. Shame on me! So to make up for it, I'm gonna write a whooole post here tonight about..ermm..well...ahh...

Oh! I know! I could tell you about my friend abby's blog. I seriously go there multiple times a day to see if she's posted. Her posts always make me smile and let me tell you..she is like the Queen of doodling. I doodle and it looks..well..horrible, but when she does it, it's art! I'm so envious. If you want to check out her blog, it's over on the top of my list. Somewhere over there ----> (or click on the above linky)

I called and talked to my boys tonight. Ben was very dramatically telling me how they had a substitute today because Mrs Garland wasn't there. It was Mrs Hubbard, who he likes,but she gave them a lot of work! They did math and Michigan history plus Mrs. Flynn gave him homework too! But, by 7pm he had it all done because he "has to leave the tv off until his homework is done."

Roger, my chatter box, told me in something like super sonic speeds about the video games they had just gotten, all the characters, all the bad guys, all the special moves and who plays which character. He did something like 3 games in 10 minutes. When I asked what else he was doing, I got an answer. Apparantly though, the only thing he's doing in school is math. Why do I doubt that's the case? Heh..

Let's see..other than that, nothing new or exciting here. I have about 3 weeks left to classes for this semester and then I can "relax" (aka frantically get ready for Christmas) for a month until the next round begin.

Now, if I'm a good girl, I might actually have thrift store finds or crafty things to post here soon. I'm also working on coming up with a great giveaway so keep your fingers crossed for that! I'm not having much luck lately. If I'm bad, well..flip back and enjoy some past posts? love y'all!


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@wesome@bby said...

Oh, my!!!!! I feel *SO* honored....and I think my doodling STINKS.....thanks for the compliment! I bet yours isn't so bad, either.

So, I am guilty of not having been here in a while. Tomorrow, I'm making myself a note to post from my "someday" file...cuz I have one. Totally.

Thanks for thinking I'm important enough to blog about....I LOVE YOU!

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