Saturday, November 22, 2008

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Friday Night Thoughts

Life has been so crazy with end of semester stuff and it isn't going to let up anytime soon, but I wanted to take some time to just post some thoughts and maybe some decisions, resolutions, etc.

This weekend, I so need to clean. This place looks a bit like a trailer park after tornado season. I need to take some time and just tidy and sort. I'm going to be sorting things that can be let go of and things that can actually be put away. That's the challenge in 300 square feet, there's just not enough places to put things away.

Next week I only have class on Monday, but I have yay me! company coming on Wednesday and staying through until Saturday. We're going to have tons of fun and if I actually remember, I'll take tons of pictures and post the play by play here later.

After that is hell week at school. I have four tests that week. Craziness. Then, a huge crazy final the week after that.

Then break! Woohoo! 4 weeks of no classes! Woohoo! Ahem. Sorry about that. I'm going into the last semester of my BA and I'm ready for the break that Christmas gives me. I have tons to do to prep for Christmas so I'll be curled up with my pazzles and presents for a good portion of everything between the 11th and the 22nd or so. I'll take pictures of everything and post those too! Woo! lots of pics coming your way! lol!

Now, would you believe it or not that I'm already scouting for moving boxes on freecyle? I've actually already got one box going and will be starting to seriously pack up over the next month or so. With a full semester coming up, I need to do a few here and a few there. Plus, this gives me the chance to sort out things as I go without it being so rushed. That way I can turn around post things back onto freecycle, too.

In the meantime, everyone have a good weekend. I'm excited to tell you that by next weekend, I very well might have my giveaway (and a fantastic etsy shop highlighted) posted and ..yes, there's an and! ...and I'm going to start posting a weekly challenge. I hope all of you will participate! See everyone soon!



Kimberly said...

Love freecycle! We got our moving boxes on freecycle too! I even posted about one particular box we received!

Jim said...

Wow, crazy life! It is good to have yay friends. :)

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