Thursday, November 20, 2008

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bead gal

Bead Guy

Yesterday, I decided to walk through the Student Union on campus and discovered that the Seneca tribe was there doing some instructional sessions. I stopped and spoke with some of the members for a few minutes about what they're doing and had a really nice conversation with a gentleman about Detroit of all things. It was nice meeting someone though who understood what I meant when I said Buffalo is a nice area, but I just don't feel a connection to it. He said no, of course you don't. It's not home. Nope, it certainly isn't and I'm looking forward to going home in May.

One of the things they had setup were these craft tables where you could make some really easy crafts. Now we all know that I could not resist stopping and checking them out. That's where I made the lovely lady you see above. I hadn't made one of these in years, but it was fun making one all over again. She's so simple..just buttons, beads and pipecleaner. Do you think anyone would buy these if I made some up for my "really I am going to use this" etsy shop?



@wesome@bby said...

kitchy things like this are selling nowadays like might be surprised.

Jim said...

Way cool!

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