Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, more progress has been made. It's slow going, but I'm so proud of it. Yesterday, I totally cleared out from under my table in the bedroom. Ick! It involved pulling out a case of paper that had gotten wet. The whole underside of the box was mildewy. So gross! Once it was all cleaned out though, I replaced the nasty box with a lovely plastic bin filled with office supplies and school supplies (pens, notebooks, loose leaf paper, folders, blank cds, etc) which fit in there totally perfectly. Then, I was able to put my small white laundry basket (filled with my sticker binder, kit binder and extra kits) down at the other end. It looks so tidy under there.

I filled an entire garbage bag yesterday with trash from under there and trash from containers that I unloaded.

Trash bag count for this week : 8

It feels so nice to see a nice, clean apartment and workspace forming! Now, I just have to somehow repair that drawer that fell apart when I tried to load the reams of paper into it...

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