Saturday, April 5, 2008

For my own amusement...

I was sitting here thinking of the process it took to get to put those away and decided to post it.

Sticker binder -> Sort out stickers (ones in binder and loose I've found so far) -> Put plastic ziplock bags with stickers that don't fit into 2 drawers in my new drawer system -> Kit binder -> Remove all kits -> Sort loose stuff into kit bags where it fits best -> Repair bag -> Replace 9 kits in binder -> White tub -> Empty tub -> Sort out contents -> Crafting stuff -> Magazines -> Trash -> Misc other stuff -> Refill basket with kits and binders -> Office/School bin -> Empty bin -> Collect things to go back into it -> Refill it neatly -> Clear trash out from under table -> Pull out nasty box -> Empty box -> Put nasty box in laundry room to go out with garbage -> Push Office/School box into place -> Put basket into place.

So what seems like a 2 minute process in the other post was actually all of these steps. Whew!

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