Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh, I had 2 comments on my welcome back post. That's not the exciting part. The exciting part is that they were from Klo and Dona! These two ladies are super, super talented and wonderful women! I used to look at their stuff and just think oh my gosh, I could never come up with stuff like that. They're total sweethearts too. I'm so so so excited that they commented on my journal. I really hope that if they still have a yahoo group or anything like that, that they'll let me join them.

OK..I'm so excited that I'm just babbling, but I can't help it. It's been a long time since I've been in touch with these ladies (and I know it's so my fault for just vanishing) and I'm super thrilled to have heard from them.

On the crafting/organizing front, I've taken a couple of days off. I spent Saturday enjoying my boys and then yesterday driving to Ohio and back so they could go back with their Dad. Today, I had a doctor's appointment and I'm feeling worn out so I'm taking it easy while plotting the next steps of cleaning and organizing. :)


ascrappersdream said...

Hey there! Long time no see! It's nice to connect again. As you can tell, I'm WAY behind on my blog, keep forgetting I have one! Missed you. thea

Jim said...

OK, so I don't scrap, but guess what? I am reading and loving the fact that you are getting back into your crafts hun. It has always been a great talent of yours from the stuff I have seen.

kraftyladyincali said...

nice to see that you have a blog and are getting back into scrapping! You were always so into it (my scrap buddy!) i am surprised that you ever stopped! can't wait to see some of your new work! Post some darn pics on your blog! =)

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