Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AmVets Finds

Well, I'm stuck in Michigan at Peter's house while he's in Asia. While I love the extra time with my boys, it also means that I can't take pics of my crafty things at home. What I can do though is take pics of the things that I found at the AmVets store before I came out here. So, without further ado...

Vintage Suitcase #1
Nice vintage suitcase...cost me $2.98!

Vintage Suitcase #2
Smaller vintage suitcase..$1.98!

Inside Suitcase #2
My yarn finds..packed neatly for the trip to Michigan.

Old yarn! Scarf
Yarn from a Buffalo store that went out of business in the 90's called AM&A's and a lovely red scarf that Roger stole as soon as he saw it.

Lovely red yarn purchased by someone before Woolworth's turned into Foot Locker!

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn
See the Woolworth's brand?

A Mad Mess of Yarn I love this tag!
Lots and lots of yarn and a really cool label on more yarn!

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