Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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Wordsmith Wednesday: Bestselling Author Secrets

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working my way through a video series hosted by Sara Connell. The tag line? Increase Your Income & Change the World With Your Story ...Did it follow through on the promise? Let me break it down for you.

The Good:
There were a wide variety of speakers from all different areas of writing. Each day, at the same time, there was an email in my inbox introducing the video of the day with a link. I appreciated the fact that I wasn't bombarded with 10 different videos each day with only 2 days to watch them. Life is busy and I don't have the time to watch videos full time.

The Bad:
Only about half of the videos were really worth watching for me. Quite a few of them were little more than a glorified infomercial for whoever was being interviewed. I don't need things laid out for me down to the tiniest step by step detail, but if you're promising me that your interviews will increase my income and help me to change the world, I need a bit more than to hear someone was the first person in their niche back in 1996.  That ship has sailed.  The hostess also repeatedly promised links to the various speakers' books, websites, etc and not once did she provide those links. I checked each speaker's video page as well as the main page and individual emails. They weren't there.

The Summary:
I don't know if Sara will repeat this series in the future. As of right now, this series is now only available if you want to purchase it for $47.99. Is it worth it? If you're the type of person who can glean the true gems from a presentation, it might be. I got quite a bit out of listening to Russell Nohelty, Jackie Kotei and Eric Easter. A lot of the others gave the same reminders that we hear a lot of the time: "Build your audience." "Build your platform." "Never give up."  While these can be great reminders, I'm not sure they're worth the financial investment. Since I'm on Sara's mailing list now, I'll check out any future programs that she offers and let you know what I think.

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