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Book Review: Guy Erma Part 2

HUNTED. Part 2 of Guy Erma and the Son of Empire

The new serialisation of Guy Erma and the Son of Empire.

"Guy Erma and the Son of Empire by Sally Ann Melia is a fast-paced and exciting YA military sci-fi read. Don't miss this one!" — Brent LeVasseur, author and illustrator of the AolĂ©on The Martian Girl series.

How dare you? How dare you hold me captive?

13-year-old Teodor was taken by the vicious Battle Borgs of Dome and now he must fight to survive.
13-year-old Guy Erma has been offered a chance to fight for his place in the Dome Elite. Only who will be his opponent? Will he face a Battle Borg of Dome?
Once they were heroes. These men died as heroes in battle. Now they have been reincarnated as the fearsome vanguard of the Dome Elite. They are the Battle Borgs of Dome
Two boys as different as any two boys might be. They face the same enemy, the same danger, the same fear - dare they trust each other? 

Remember how great I said the full book was and then how I said the same thing about Part 1? Well, that hasn't changed for Part 2. The book is still fast paced, exciting and full of adventure. Honestly, I'm thinking about assigning my boys each a book to read over the course of the summer and I think my youngest is going to get handed this one. It's right up his alley. After all, who can resist reading about the Borg? Well, he's a teenage boy so he could just to be persnickety, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he's going to start reading this and then he'll keep reading it because it's just that good and honestly, if you can get a kid who is generally a non-reader to sit and read, you know the book just has to be good.


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are my own.
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