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Comic Book Review: Fawkes

Felicia Day and The Guild are back, along with costar Wil Wheaton, for a brand-new story spotlighting Fawkes, the dashing, debonair, and douchey leader of the evil guild Axis of Anarchy! His relationship with Codex threatened to tear the Knights of Good apart until he was thrown off a balcony for his treatment of her. Set after season 4 of the show, this issue reveals how Fawkes deals with his split from Codex and navigates the aggressive personalities of the Axis, and follows his journey to his surprising state when he returns in season 5!

*Cowritten by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton!

* Art by Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram, X-Men, Secret Avengers)!

The Good :
                Felicia Day has an incredible talent for comedy and it continues with Fawkes. In its entirety, this book keeps the same hilarity as the show. Some of the jokes even caused me to chuckle out loud. As with the show, most of the comedy is on the intelligent side. Fawkes’ quotes are well timed.
                In its own separate form, the sarcasm is great for the Axis of Evil. Fawkes is a total douche. Again, keeping with the theme of the show. You just love to hate him.
                And Venom, my favorite character from the Axis, is finally given more play. It was good to see her and realize that she is just that mean to her own friends as she is to the Knights of Good. Her description of Fawkes having a “sad little boner” was so in tune with her character.

The Bad :
                The story should’ve been released a year ago. In this one shot, the story takes place between the 4th and 5th season. With season 6 in development, it took me a minute to remember what all happened and when to make this story fit. With such a beautifully crafted story and series, I didn’t really expect to an “oh yeah, that’s what happened” moment.
                Some of the character development. It has been over a year since we’ve seen the Axis and half of the characters only really have face time. There were a few times in the story where I wondered if that character would really say that or act in a certain way. Honestly, I’m a huge fan of the show, but there was 1 character I didn’t even identify until the very end. It didn’t change the story any but most of the Axis is “just there to be hated”, you don’t really know more than a couple of them.

Summary :
                Being a huge fan, I tried to read this as just a book. But you can’t. From all the people I’ve met that are fans of The Guild, they are big fans. From the 1st panel, seeing Fawkes, you remember the hatred you’re supposed to have for him. This book has a strong portrayal of the show’s main villains.  You get to see how they really are compared to their avatars. And it’s pretty much the same. You dislike them but that is the entertaining part. I like that they continue to be unlikable.
                This book fits right into the continuity of the series. Nothing is taken away or changed, just further explained. Fans of the show will understand the books style of humor and the characters do actually look like themselves.
                The only main negative would be for anyone who has not seen the show. They could probably enjoy the book, but they would miss so many quirks and Easter eggs from the show. As for me, I’m still laughing as I write this.

For more information on purchasing this book for your collection, head on over to the Dark Horse website!


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