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Comic Book Reviews: Angel & Faith

Volume 1 – 1st printing. "Live Through This!" Collects Angel and Faith (2011 Dark Horse) #1-5. Written by Christos N. Gage. Art by Rebekah Isaacs and Phil Noto. Cover Art by Dan Jackson and Steve Morris. 

"Angel has made bad choices in his life. Most recently? While possessed, he killed Giles. However, he believes he's found a way to make amends, by bringing the Watcher back from the grave! Cue Faith-rebel Slayer, and Angel's only ally-who only supports this harebrained scheme in order to keep her friend from catatonia. New threats emerge as this unlikely duo struggles against real and personal demons alike, while hitting the dark streets of London!" Softcover, full color, 136 pages

The Good
            Easily, the 1st thing that stood out to me was the beautiful piece by Joe Chen in the front of the book. Just breathe taking.
            The humor. From the start, you can see that the book will be filled with pretty great humor. Both blatant and dry. Honestly, that is something I wasn’t expecting. The humor just added so much to the story. It helped just keep the story flowing very smoothly. And within the 2nd story, the Doctor Who joke made me smirk.
            The “real life” aspect. I am new to the Buffy world, so the idea of a world with demons and magic bound by rules was greatly entertaining.  So many daily ideas are bound within the 1st story. A class system amongst demons, what happens when violence no longer bothers you, having great skills and talents but not having an outlet for them, sanity. I was surprised to find all these ideas within this book. Even minor characters having “real” problems was very interesting to see.

The Bad.
            Story 1-“Live Through This”. Once the main plot came to a close, the story just seemed to go on a little too long. It went on for four pages longer than I expected. The story was good, just could have ended sooner.
            Back story- I am brand new to these characters. A quick summary of who people are would have been nice for the readers. I didn’t know who everyone was and I didn’t know who was supposed to be alive at the beginning of the story.
Most of story 2. The entire book just seemed so out of place. Where the 1st story made me want to read, the second just irritated me. In my notes, I wrote the word “fluff”.  Maybe it is just that I do not know the Buffy world, but the story just seemed too silly to follow the “Live through this”. I rolled my eyes at the zombie vampires.
            The art in story 2. The characters did not really resemble Angel and Faith. I know that it is difficult to make to resemble real people but some of the pictures were not even close.

            On my own, I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up this book, just because it wasn’t my style. However, after reading it, I am wondering if the still open plot lines will come to an epic conclusion. The potential of the villains is pretty great and I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to like Angel or not- and I find that a good thing.
            Overall, it was a good read with great art for the most part. I am a fan of Christos Gage’s work and he continued to keep me as a fan. I’m sure this book fits well with the Whedon vampire universe. I found it interesting and I’m sure the fans would like it even more.

For more information about this book, check out its page on Dark Horse!

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