Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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The Post...

It was just after midnight on Wednesday morning..or was it Tuesday night? Did it really matter? What matters is the post. The post that started everything all over again. The post that had the internet humming with rumors and theories. The post..the post that one man made to one woman that simply said I love you Katrina.

They thought they had stopped the rumors, but with those four little words, they all started up again. This time, they were even more intense. It went beyond the rumors that they were in love, that she was moving to be with him. As the days went on, they grew more wild. There were the rumors that they were a couple, that they were engaged, that she carried his con child, that their appearance at geek prom together was some sort of sign...

Things just got worse when new appliances started showing up at his house. Surely this was the sign that everyone had been waiting for. Everyone knew that men never bought appliances. This must mean that a woman was coming to live there soon and who else could it be but the mother of his con child?

The internet waited, watching as day after day went by. They carefully scrutinized each and every one of their Facebook posts, talking in secret about what was so clearly going on. If she posted that she wasn't feeling good, they nodded their heads in sage understanding. It must be morning sickness. Having a con baby was a lot like catching the con crud, they murmured among themselves.

If he posted anything about being sad, they whispered how must he must be missing her and it was only a matter of time now. He obviously would be concerned with the health of her and the child. If there were posts of joy and happiness, it was clear that things were going well and the announcements would be made any day now...

He had said he loved her and she loved him. It was only a matter of time now, they told in their secret groups and messages. They placed bets upon which day the child would be born and the announcement of their marriage made. Together, they planned out the lives of two people..who at the end of the day, merely loved each other.


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