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Comic Book Review:God the Dyslexic Dog

I know it's been a while since I've brought you a review, but have no fear, I'm back with something new and different for you. Strap on your what the heck seat belts and prepare yourself for God the Dyslexic Dog. According to their website, this book summarizes as:

What if everything you believed was reversed? Inverted?

Imagine a world, where the gods created by man, are all but abandoned. The gods, in their desperation, have now become the deities of the animals of earth. They now seek to over-throw both heaven and earth from their former masters, man, in their last ditch effort for survival.
Enter the Dyslexic Dog. An ordinary dog that’s only beginning to understand how extraordinary he really is. A dog who is a god? On a leash? Under the reluctant control of one little boy.
Throw in an immortal god with suicidal aspirations & his nation of rowdy revelers; conspiracy internet & radio; time travel ; the end of the world coming in 2011 via the missing Mayan Calendar; Pandora’s Box; a Pet Psychic who is anything but; the god Dar-win & his Evolution running wild; inept world governments? And so much more.
God the Dyslexic Dog takes all this and runs, turning everything on its head, giving the book a chance to explore, experiment and entertain in ways few others can. So, buy the ticket, take the ride and see what all the howling is about and if your family pet has been looking at you a little strangely, watch out!

My take on it? Well, let's break it down like we always do.

The Good: Different. That's the first thing that comes to mind every time I've picked up this book. In all the books that I've read for fun or for a review (which is also fun, I admit), I've not picked up a single book like this. There were no zombies or vampires or super heroes. Just pages and pages of what the heck is going on now.

The Bad: I found this book just the tiniest bit difficult to follow, but I am going to be up front and say that I read this very late at night when my brain was probably not at its best. The second night I picked it up, I was far more awake and I didn't have that problem at all. So, the bad? Don't read it when you're tired and can't focus on the story line.

The Summary: If you're into something that's a bit out of the norm and has some really cool artwork, this book may be something you want to track down. I loved the mention of sciency things mixed with mythology and all combined into a mixture of the creation story and the gods of man.

This was the first trade paperback for this series. It's come to my attention that there is a second one. I'm hoping to be able to review it for you and let y'all know about the series as a whole. No promises though!

Interested in checking out or purchasing God the Dyslexic Dog for yourself? Head on over to the book's website and check out this book, as well as the others that they have to offer.


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