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Comic Book Review: Soul Chaser Betty

Oh Chicago..the city that sent me home loads of reviews and a few new friends to boot. I will forever look upon that trip with fondness. I was beyond tired but at the same time, the people there treated me so well. I'm seriously considering making up a con listing for cons I want to continue or try to attend and Chicago will be on that list for 2013.

So, enough about me. I should probably tell you about the book, eh? This was one of the very few books that I actually paid real actual money for. Yep, that's right. This guy was so smooth (and I was so tired) that he actually talked me into not only purchasing the book but also reviewing it. Those of you who know me from the "business" point of view know that he pulled off a major coup.

The Synopsis:

Staying the entire summer at her eccentric grandmother's po-dunk farmhouse isn't Betty's idea of a good time.  But things soon go from bad to worse when renegade necromancers and exiled chaos demons begin invading her dreams, and then her reality.  Suddenly, making new friends, the local bully and the haunted woods out back are the least of her worries...

What's a girl to do?

Join Betty, a cross dimensional bundle of trouble, as she enlists with a secret group of warriors known as the Soul Chasers.  With her new partner, Rolf, she'll learn to fight back against the forces of darkness that are bent on shattering the barrier between the world we know and the dark land of dream.

Will she be able to wield the true power of a Soul Chaser?  Or will this be the worst summer vacation ever?

The Good - 
This is one of those stories that you'll pick up and go hmm..then you'll turn another page and another page and another page and before you know it, you'll have read through 167 pages and the book is all done. I should know. Before last night, I'd only read the first 50 pages or so. Last night, I picked this back up and didn't put it back down until I read through the entire story, concept art and the biography about the author. The art, combined with the story line, pulls you in. Did I mention that the art and story were both done by the same guy? The book is done entirely in black and white, yet his grey scale is what sets this apart from so many of the other black and white books that I've seen lately.

The Bad -
My one and only complaint comes from the mommy point of view. While I don't recall it ever being stated in the book, my guess is that Betty is perhaps 16 or 17 years old. There is a mention at the end of the book about her going to school with two other characters in the Fall and that she's staying with her grandmother because her parents are getting divorced. This leads me to believe that she's not old enough to be living on her own. Considering that, I found it concerning that the author/artist felt the need to draw Betty wearing some pretty scanty outfits in a couple of sections of the book.

The Summary -
Another good book from someone out of the Chicago area. If Phoenix isn't careful, they're going to have a rival in my really cool place comic folk come from theory. This one retails for $14.95 but at its size, it's well worth the price. Soul Chaser Betty will pull you in, waiting to see if this teenage girl can save us all from certain doom. Is it just me or is it fun to say certain doom? It might just be me. What isn't just me is the love for a redheaded girl with a kick butt weapon. How do I know this? I just do because I know that if you go and pick this book up, you're going to love it too.

If you want to check out this book for yourself, it can be purchased on Amazon, Twilight Tangent or by walking into your local comic book store and requesting that they order DEC084285 from Diamond. 

I actually purchased a copy of this book for the purpose of this review! Can you believe that? The author on this book is a great salesman plus I was falling over tired when I approached his table. Warning, it's like going to the grocery store while hungry..avoid this man if you're tired and have money to spend! Just kidding...kinda! Go on..go buy this book. You can thank me later. 
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