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Comic Book Review: Quantum Conditioning

Image blatantly borrowed from Ross' etsy shop
For quite a while now, I have had this little book sitting on the suitcases next to my bed (yes, I have suitcases stacked by my bed as a nightstand.) and I kept saying I was going to review it. Then, I went away this past weekend and brought back gazillions of pounds (just ask my shoulder) of new review material. In good conscience, I couldn't move on to review any of that (and you know I'm twitching to) without telling you about this humdinger of a book.

Now, most of you probably know that I have a degree in Psychology (aka the expensive piece of paper). Imagine my total delight when I found out that Ross (creator of Asbestos who I totally adore) had written a book where one of the main characters is none other than Pavlov's dog. Seriously. I probably squealed and for the 2nd time actually purchased review materials from Ross. Then, I waited...and waited...for my crazy post lady to bring it to me. Ross had clearly written do not bend on she bent it right there and shoved it in my mailbox. Thankfully, it was ok and I spent my time waiting for the boys giggling and laughing my way through it.

Don't believe me? Read this page and don't laugh..if you can do that, well..I dunno. Maybe you need to double check you're wearing your sense of humor undies. If you're not wearing undies, please don't leave me a comment telling me that. Poor Schrodinger's cat doesn't have room in his box for me to hide.

Also stolen..erm..borrowed from Ross' Etsy shop.

See? Hysterical! This book is just that funny all the way through. It's printed on heavy duty cardstock and is black and white throughout. That's ok though because this book does not need any color. It would actually take away from it, I think. Ross has hit this one completely out of the park and I have my fingers crossed that he'll do a repeat of something along these lines along with his incredibly well loved children's book about a certain purple dragon (who I may or may not be in love with.). 

If I had to come up with something wrong with this book..umm..the staples on the cover aren't totally straight. There you go. Honestly, this was and will remain one of my favorite books. At $7, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this one (again) and add it to my shelf. If you, like me, just can't resist, Ross has additional copies for sale at his Etsy shop. He's such a nice guy, he'll even autograph it and you won't even have to ask!

That's it for now. Go. Buy. Give Ross money. Spend minutes, hours, days and even years laughing and giggling. You won't regret it.

I bought this book with my very own pennies. Ok, actually it was via Paypal and I doubt they sent Ross 700 pennies. It would be funny though if they did. All opinions, comments and things in ( ) are mine (and there were a lot of those, huh?). Y'all know that nobody really tells me what to write because I'm all rebel and stuff. Anyway, I now release you from reading this disclaimer. Have a nice day.

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