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Book Review: The Angel Hunter

Welcome back to C2E2 sure did give you a lot of stuff to show us! It did and one of the very first items was this book by Jerrod Begora. Very nice nice in fact, that the first time I met him, he very politely handed me his book after signing it and brushed me off. No, seriously, he was a really nice guy. I just hit his table at the exact moment his friend called and said hey, I'm out front with that stuff for you. Wait, that makes him sound like a druggie. Can y'all just trust me that he was a nice guy? On day two he even offered me coffee and said he'd wished he'd known I was on my own for dinner the night before because he'd have invited me to join his group. Seriously..and he meant it. It wasn't a pick up line. He's married. I checked. ;)

Right, so now that I've rambled on (can y'all tell I'm all ooh shiney syndrome tonight?), shall we talk about the book? First? The rambly bit that covers what the book is about:

In a Godless world where angels are evil, who would you pray to for help?

Lucile is a devout Catholic woman who prays regularly for God's help in finding her missing cousin, David, who has likely skipped town on a whim. After accepting help from a stranger, Lucile thinks her prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, she is far from the truth. Lucile is about to be swept up in an ancient battle between humans and angels - where angels are evil and God is nowhere to be found.

Few know the reality, and even fewer summon the courage to fight against the angelic tyranny and help those in need. Meanwhile, cars are dropping from the sky, and God's servants are in hot pursuit of Lucile and Andrew. Lucile, desperate to save her memories and find her cousin, is seemingly left with no other choice but to trust her quirky new friend who wields a gun and warns of impending disaster. Either God is good and sent the angel to test Lucile's convictions or he is now using their lives for his amusement.

Torn between trusting her strong religious beliefs and the actions of God's angelic army, Lucile knows one thing for sure - her cousin is in a lot more trouble than she ever imagined.

Now, onto the review!

The Good -
I liked the cover..kidding! No, actually, I did like the cover and I liked more than that too! The book had a very interesting perspective on God and the conditions the world is in today. More than once I put the book down and walked away just to be back five minutes later picking it up to see what the heck could possibly happen next. The book has a few twists and turns that I honestly never saw coming.

The Bad - I'm going to be honest and say that I had a hard time getting past the first couple of chapters. The dialogue seemed choppy and didn't quite flow. After that, though, I got right into the swing of things..and just as I was following along..*bam!* ..the author changes direction and starts telling the story from another point of view entirely. It was really confusing to me at first, but then it seemed to go back to the original voice and I was good to again..right until the end where I suddenly realized it was still in that other voice. Confusion! Also, and I've been told this about my own writing in the almost felt as if the author reached the end of his story but wasn't quite sure how to end he just gave it a quickie ending.

The Summary - If you're looking for a new religion based thriller type book, this is one that I can recommend. It is an easy read and you'll finish it in just a few days. By the end of the book, you'll wonder what's going to happen to this poor girl next. This is the author's first published book so I vote we give him a lot of credit for putting himself and his work out there. We all know that's a hurdle this girl hasn't even attempted to jump yet. Like I said, the book has some flaws but that's something that every new author is going to face. Besides, you've been warned and you'll probably now fly by any of the things that gave me pause.

If you're interested, you can check out the book on Facebook or on its website.

Stay tuned for my next review...the comic book, Dusk.

I received a copy of this book at C2E2 in exchange for this review. I do hope that the angels don't come and get me after the author reads this. *fingers crossed*
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