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Book Review: The Paragon of Animals

It's been quite a while since I've done a book review, so I was really excited to receive a copy of this book this past weekend at C2E2. Originally, I had planned on leaving this review for later but somehow, this book ended up in my fingers and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it back down.

For those of you who have never heard of this book, let me provide you with the synopsis : Growing up as a nerd in a small midwestern town, Liza didn't have the easiest life. Then she met her idol, the Paragon, the super powered man whose poster she kept over her bed. By accident they traded places. Liza's life didn't get any easier.

Nerd - Small Midwestern Town - Nah, I can't relate to that at all, right? Actually, I guess I could which is why I was initially drawn to this book. I could empathize with the main character. She's someone who is easy to identify with. I think, in her, we can all find some piece of ourselves. 

You guys know how these reviews work...ready?

The Good - The book is an easy read. I finished it over the course of a few days and that was in very broken up chunks due to kids and other things that required my time and attention. The story, while recommended for adult audiences, isn't complex. You're not going to get lost or bogged down in details. What you are going to do is cheer on Liza as she tackles some very difficult situations that she's been unwillingly placed in. You're also going to want more. While this book wraps up this part of Liza's life, you're going to be left wanting to know what happens to her after this. How does she adjust to her new life when all is said and done? I think that's the sign of a well written book. If I want more, then it captured my imagination.

The Bad - Y'all know that I have a pet peeve about grammar and proofing your work. Y'all also know that sometimes my brain gets ahead of my fingers and I end up with some rather creative typos and words in places that they don't belong. However, I'm not selling my work. If I were, you could be dang sure that I'd have a team of proof readers. This book could have used just one more proofreader. Throughout the book, I would find the occasional spelling/typo goof, like the use of the word buss instead of bus. I also found the incorrect use of the word you're throughout. 

The Summary - Even though there were some grammatical issues, this book really was one that I couldn't put down. Grammatical issues are easily fixed before further printings. A bad story isn't. I would recommend that you give this book a try. You might just find you enjoy it. 

For purchasing info, you can find the book at: Scott Comics or on Amazon. If you buy it, be sure you let me know! I like spreading the book love. If you buy it and love it, make sure you stop over at their Facebook page and let them know!


Update 10/1/2012 : I ran into the author at Wizard World Ohio where he let me know that they've done a full edit, correcting spelling and grammatical errors. A second edition has now been released.
I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All comments, thoughts and other randomness are totally and 100% mine. 
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