Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of DollarGeneral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Veteran's Day is a day that most people overlook on the calendar. We don't stop to think about all the men and women who have gone before us, fighting for themselves and for us.  I know that I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else. I wake up each morning, taking for granted that I can throw on a pair of jeans and go about my business. I rarely stop to think that there are places in the world where that wouldn't be allowed. I rarely stop to think that in another time, this might have been impossible. I am very blessed to live where I do and I know that, at least in part, this is due to our veterans who have fought to give me those freedoms. 

So, today, I say thank you. Thank you to those who have fought for me. I would also like to pass on something special that Dollar General is doing. If you are a veteran, active military or family, stop into Dollar General on 11/11 and receive a 10% discount, no coupon needed. If you prefer to shop online, just enter VETERANSDAY at checkout to receive that same 10% discount. If you shop online, that discount is available to everyone! If you're on Facebook stop over and watch the support/thank you videos for our troops. Did you know that Dollar General also has care packages for the troops that are available with free shipping? So, head on over to Dollar General and take advantage of the Dollar General's Veteran's Day discount and support our troops!

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