Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Earth Brand Footwear

Shoe lovers out there, pay close attention to this post! I have some very exciting news to share with all of you. The company that has brought us Kalso Earth Shoes and Earthies is bringing us a whole new line of shoes called Earth!

Some of you may remember not to long ago when Earth Footwear revamped itself with it's original logo -- Kalso Earth Shoes. Those are the fabulous ones with the negative heel technology. Along side that is the Earthies line. This is the line of super sexy dress shoes and boots. (Note to Santa: I don't have any of those yet.)

Now, there's a whole new line that is being branded under the Earth logo. What makes these different? Well, guess what! It's my job to tell you. The new line will include flats and low heels with soft leather uppers and reinforced arch support. They'll also include multi-density latex cushioned footbeds with overpadded heels. Did I mention that this shoe line focuses on rich suedes and delicious leathers? What does all that mean? Cute, sexy shoes that are comfortable too!

Want to hear the best part? They're affordable! I know that we all lust after gorgeous shoes and too often it becomes an item on our bucket list. Not this time. These shoes are going to retail for $79-$99 when they're released! In fact, they're going to start shipping in December 2011 so now might be the time to nudge that honey of yours that you'd like a new pair of shoes for New Years. After all, there's nothing like partying all night long in sexy shoes that won't break your bank or an ankle. Not going out? Well, there's something to be said for a private party too.

If you want to keep up on what's happening, what shoes there will be and all the yummy shoe goodness, keep your eye on the new Earth website . Want a sneak peek at one of the new pairs? Let me show you!

I wanted to show you how cute they look on, but would you believe that my camera died right after snapping this picture?!? Technology hates me but I love these shoes!


This is a paid editorial regarding some awesome new shoes. All comments, thoughts, opinions and ramblings are 100% mine. 
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