Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Mamavation - Guest Post

Hello All… I am Megan or @NcCarterFamily and I am basically the Zoo Keeper for our family. I am a stay at home mom but rarely am I actually at home. I have 3 crazy boys, a husband and we live on the family property so my in laws are our neighbors. I blog at www.carterzoochronicles.blogspot.com and http://cartersautismdogadventures.blogspot.com

I started having kids very early in life and spent time being a mom and not really taking the best care of myself. When 2 of my children were diagnosised with Autism I jumped head first and lived everything that I needed to do or could think to do to dealing with their issues. Which meant a lot of emotional eating for me. Also a lot of quick meals and fast food while playing Taxi driver for the family. To add more to my plate I am also starting back to school this fall.

I’ve always put everyone else before me and have never really found out who Megan is. I know Megan is not who I am now. I am not this obese mother who is too tired, too fat, too lazy, too exhausted, too stressed out to be the mother my kids deserve. I want to be able to run after them scratch that I have to be able to run and catch them because of the autism. I want to be able to take them to the water park, or to ride the roller coasters with them. I want to be running around playing basketball, chase whatever it is they want to do I want to be able to join them and I WILL DO IT.

I know that signing my ass over to Leah and Daniel along with the other Coaches and Mentors and going through the Mamavation Mom boot camp will be a life changing opportunity for myself and my family. It will give me the tools that I HAVE to learn to make this LIFE STYLE CHANGE for my family. I don’t want my children to have to grow up and then learn a healthy lifestyle I want them to learn it from me. I also want to inspire the others in my family so that they can learn and see what I have done to change my life. I have been a Sista with www.Mamavation.com for 7 months and this is my 3 Campaign.

I hope you will take a moment and head over to the Mamavation Site and Vote for me NcCarterFamily… http://www.mamavation.com/2011/07/mamavation-finalists-campaign-9.html

**** Hi all! Katie, here. This is my good friend, Megan. She's in the running for something that could change not only her life, but that of her family. Please take a moment and go over and vote for her, please. Help this mama help another mama help her entire family. ****


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