Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Book Review: Money Secrets of the Amish

Hi all! I'm back with another book review and honestly, this is the first one that I just want to tell y'all to go out and buy. I devoured this book for so many reasons. The first is probably pretty obvious. Our little family is perpetually broke and learning how to save a few more dollars certainly can't hurt. The second is that, in my mind, the Amish are the epitome of Simple. Simple is my goal for this year. I'm working on simplifying our lives in a lot of ways and I was sure that this book could help me on the path to that.

Did it? Yes and No. There wasn't anything in this book that I found to be mind blowing. To me, it was all common and good sense advice. That being said, I've always been on the frugal side of nature. I'm also one of those "green freaks." What this book did for me was to bring me back to that. My kiddos and I have been becoming more and more I want it now mixed with oooh shiney! That's not what I want for us as a family. It's not what I want for myself. This book reminded me of those basic feelings and beliefs. I'm now implementing some of those things into our lives.

I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. It's a nice and easy read. It's filled with some really great basic advice and real life applications. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the author is a local girl who probably lives maybe an hour from me. I have to tell you that I would love to go garage saling with her! I think she would be a total hoot.  Did I mention that she has a blog that I totally intend on stalking visiting on a regular basis?


I received a copy of this book via the BookSneeze program. All thoughts, comments and opinions are totally mine because we all know that no one puts wait, no one tells this girl what to think. Oh and that image up there probably technically belongs to Amazon but if you click it, it leads to one awesome book that I think you should buy.

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