Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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2011, Here We Come

It's 2011 and I'm left wondering what the heck happened to 2010? I certainly wasn't ready to leave last year behind or prepared to step into a new year but it seems the calendar ignored my desperate pleas to slow down and just went right on ahead without me.  Well, that's just fine because it took me with it, even if I was kicking and screaming just a little bit.

As always, the end of a year is cause for reflection and the start of a new year is cause for planning. If you know me, you know I'm a major planner. The funny thing is, that I dream of a man who is spontaneous and will call home and say pack your bags, I have a surprise for you. I know that opposites don't really attract but I do want someone who will bring out my fun side while being able to deal with my ocd neurotic side at the same time. *grins*

So, what am I planning for the coming year? I know you all desperately want to know, right? I hope so because I'm going to tell you. Don't worry, it's nothing shocking or anything that you'll have to send the kids out of the room for. I have very "simple" plans and hopes for the coming year.

In no particular order, they are....(I feel like I'm announcing the top 10 in a beauty contest when I say things like that..hehe)...

1. Grad School - My application is due in 10 short days and I'm down to just having write the 2 page essay. This is going to be the hardest part though because they want a lot in those 2 double spaced typewritten pages and really it's probably the one thing that will swing them towards yes or no. Once it's submitted, I should have an answer by February 15th or so as to if I've been accepted.

2. Weight Loss - Yes, this has been an ongoing battle with me. I get started all gung ho and then my accountability partners quit and not long after, so do I. This year, I'm setting a small goal. I want to lose 20 pounds. Yep, just 20 pounds. Is it the total of what I need to lose? Not even close, but I want to be realistic and break this into small chunks. Last night, I was introduced to A Better Second Half and I'm hoping to hook up with her as accountability partners. I think it would be great for both of us.

3. The House - Yep, it's still standing! I have the same goals for this year as I believe I did last year. I want to continue in my purging efforts. We've gotten rid of so much but there is still so much to go! Plus, we have a move coming up in 5 months and I want to be totally prepared for it. I have serious anxieties as to whether or not we'll be able to find a house that will allow us to have our 5 cats, but that's a bridge to cross once I get to it in April.

4. The House Part B - I mentioned the move in the last section and part B is all about the move. Starting on February 1st, I'm making it my goal to start packing up 1-2 boxes each week so that when it's time for that move, I'm not frantically scrambling.

5. The House Part C - Yep, there's another part to all of this.  I'm also making it a goal for this year to be much more on the ball with my cleaning and organizing. I know that as I purge, this part will become easier and easier because I'll be tripping over less stuff. With depression, this is one area I really struggle in. The more down my mood becomes, the worse my house becomes. The worse my house becomes, the more down my mood becomes. You see the cycle and so do I. I'm working hard on breaking that.

6. Katie's Craft Corner - This is my little Etsy shop and I do mean little. I think there are maybe 4 items posted there right now. Sadly, those 4 items have been posted there for quite some time. I'm making it my goal to set aside 2-3 hours each week to make new items and to get them listed. I'll also be mentioning them here and continuing to post them to the shop's Facebook page. 

7. The Blog - Last but certainly not least is this blog as well as the one over at Welcoming Weightloss. I've been really bad about posting to either of these for the past few months and I want that to change. I'm not promising every day posts (though that's my eventual goal) but I'm setting myself a small goal of twice a week to this blog and once a week to the other. I just heard that my girls over at Sunday Shutterbugs are back up and running so I'm hoping for some sincere motivation and inspiration to help with this goal!

So those are my goals. I also have some other ones, including continuing my Irish language studies and figuring out a way to make some money to get my finances in better shape but I don't have any real plans for those yet. If I get into grad school and get an assistantship, the finances will certainly do better but that won't happen until September. Until then, I'm just going to keep doing my best and who knows, if my Etsy shop takes off, that might keep me plenty busy making extra money!


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