Sunday, February 1, 2009

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About my last post...

I want to semi-apologize for my last post. I don't think it came out the way I had wanted it to. It seems that when other's read it, they thought I was having issues with just this group that I belong to. That's not the case at all. I meant for that post to be about my issues that I have with making friends. I wanted it to be about my own fears and how I'm having a hard time getting past those to open up to others. The women in that group are totally fantastic and really are wonderful about supporting each other and me. One of them, after I poured my heart out to them on all of this was kind enough to contact me off group and just tell me that she was proud of me for putting myself out there. The problem isn't these women, the problem is me. I'm great at meeting people..heck, some of you have met me via your blogs, etc and probably think I'm super friendly etc..and I am. The problem comes that once I meet someone, I'm afraid to follow up with them. I go through this whole "well if they really liked me, they'd contact me and since they haven't, they clearly didn't" thing. I'm afraid to take that first step because what if they say no or what if they think I'm being too pushy, etc.

So to the girls in that group who read that post and were hurt, I really am sorry. It didn't come out in the way that I intended. Monkey's Momma..thank you for posting your support here. I'm looking forward to that list and I might even be brave and check some of them out. As Corinna has reminded me, sometimes it's all about "Doing it afraid."


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kraftyladyincali said...

Hopefully "monkeys mama" comes back to your blog and reads your NEW post about us. I think she jumped the gun just a tad bith with what she said..but i am glad you you corrected the situation on your blog!
xox =)

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