Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Super Sunday Challenge

So how did everyone do on their bathroom challenge? I have to say that I am darned proud of myself. I had a frantic week at school and still managed to get mine done! Did I mention that I just finished posting an entire grocery bag full of items onto freecycle? Wow! I had no idea that I would find that much in that little bathroom to get rid of. This sure will make packing a whole lot simpler. I also realized that I have no less..and I'm almost embarassed to say less than 10 or 12 different bottles of body wash in my shower. And nope, I'm not freecycling those. Those will get used up. I've organized (or I'm working on it!) my bathtub/shower so that I have all the brand new never opened bottles on one end and all the opened bottles on the other. Now, I'm going to work my way through all those partial bottles til they're gone and my reward will be brand new super yummy smelling bottles! Yay, me!

Now...this week's challenge. Are you ready for this? Cookbooks. Yep, the next room in my declutter challenge (for myself..and I hope for you!) is the kitchen. I only have 4 rooms in my place so I'm starting at one end and moving towards the other. So, how many cookbooks do you have? How many do you actually use? Are you a user or a collector? Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with collecting as long as you really enjoy them. For me, I have a small bookshelf full of cookbooks and cooking magazines. I went through these when I got divorced so I don't think I'll be getting rid of many, but you never know! Plus, for me, I know I won't be using all of these in the next few months so I'm going to sort mine into 2 piles. Pack and Use. Those that I won't use in the next few months (because let's face it, I only cook for me and I'm pretty easy to please), I'm going to pack into a box, label that box and set it aside.

Anyone with me on this one? Let me know. Drop me a comment below and keep me updated on your progress. :)


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Jim said...

OK, status update on last week's challenge ... lets call it a partial success. I got the downstairs bathroom (the one company uses) done, but didn't finish the upstairs one. The floor needs a good scrubbing. I swear I saw the grout moving when I took a shower this morning.

As for this week's I am a user. I like my cookbooks, especially the ones from the "Top Secret Recipe" collection. Maybe I will share a few of those with you for your blog.

Maybe I could organize the less frequently used ones to someplace else, but that wouldn't be much of a change since they are well out of the way now.

So, for this week's challenge ... lets just say I am going to stay status quo on this one.

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